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  • Flux Cored Aluminum Braze

    Flux Cored Aluminum Braze

    Zn98Al2 flux cored aluminum brazing filler metal is a New, Low-Temperature Aluminum Brazing Rod Contains Flux, for Fast Repair of Radiators, Heaters, Condensers and Charge Air Coolers. Its unique flux core is non-corrosive so it does not react internally with the rod during...Read More
  • Brazing Aluminium Clad Metal

    Brazing Aluminium Clad Metal

    Hebei Yuguang welding Co.,ltd is a leading suppliers of clad materials. We has been dedicated to supplying world-class products and solutions for global heat exchangers industry, making it a reliable long-term partner . After year's accumulation, Yuguang has developed a...Read More
  • Aluminium Flux Cored AFCW

    Aluminium Flux Cored AFCW

    Aluminum flux cored wire, rod, ring, coils, spools for Al-Al, Al-Cu, Al-Stainless Steel joints. GR4047F Aluminum flux cored brazing Al88si12+Flux GR4048F Aluminum flux cored brazing Zn98Al12+Flux GR4049F Aluminum flux cored brazing Zn78Al22+FluxRead More
  • Zn92Al8 Aluminum Flux Cored Wire Rod

    Zn92Al8 Aluminum Flux Cored Wire Rod

    Zn92Al8 is an customerized aluminum flux cored brazing filller metal. It has the similar function of Zn78Al22. It can be used for brazing joint Al-AL, Al-Cu, Al-Stainless Steel.Read More
  • Phos Copper Silver Brazing Foil

    Phos Copper Silver Brazing Foil

    15% BCUP-5 silver brazing foilsRead More
  • Aluminium Brazing Flux Paste

    Aluminium Brazing Flux Paste

    YG-A728 Aluminum Brazing Flux Paste is with low corrosion. Some workpiece require to avoid the water and acid, the YG-728 Aluminum brazing flux paste will be the best flux choice for these workpiece. 5kg/bottleRead More
  • Non-crossive Brazing Flux Paste

    Non-crossive Brazing Flux Paste

    Product name: YG-A729 Environmentally-friendly aluminum flux Melting point: 505℃ -520℃ Working Temp:510℃-580℃ Packaging: 5kg/ bottle Life: 12 months No- corrosion, No need pickling after brazing Some welding wires need to be coated with aluminum flux during flame brazing....Read More
  • Brass Brazing Foils

    Brass Brazing Foils

    In order to match the varying the needs of our clients, we are engrossed in presenting a stunning variety of Brass Brazing Foils. We adopt the finest material along with modernized amenities; these are developed with perfection. Together with this, we will do a series of...Read More
  • Customized Aluminum Brazing Alloys

    Customized Aluminum Brazing Alloys

    Customized abnormity aluminum brazing flux cored productsRead More
  • Self Brazing Aluminum Alloys

    Self Brazing Aluminum Alloys

    YG-A11 Low melting point self aluminum brazing rod/ring, The YG-A11 self contain the aluminum brazing flux, no need to add brazing flux when working. Very suitable for automatic brazing.Read More
  • Aluminum Flux Cored Flat Rings

    Aluminum Flux Cored Flat Rings

    Flat aluminum flux cored wire Flat aluminum flux cored rings Size can be made according to your requirements.Read More
  • Al90Si10 Aluminum Flux Core Wire

    Al90Si10 Aluminum Flux Core Wire

    GR4045 Al90Si10 AFCW Aluminum-Flux Core wire consist of Al90Si10 and brazing flux. Aluminium flux cored welding brazing filler metal wires Wire dia: 1.0-3.2mm Size: Spool, coils, wire, rod Characteristic of aluminum flux cored wire: 1). Aluminium welding wire 2). Excellent...Read More
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