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  • 1mm Copper Clad Aluminum Sheet

    1mm Copper Clad Aluminum Sheet

    Copper clad Aluminum bimetal Plate/Sheet/Coil/Busbar, Copper clad Aluminum bimetal busbar/Transition plate, washers, earthing plate, etc. are one of our main product. We also produce all kinds of Electric Power Fittings (cable lug, parallel groove clamp, etc). Our Copper...Read More
  • Cu15Al85 Copper Aluminum Bimetal

    Cu15Al85 Copper Aluminum Bimetal

    Hebei Yuguang welding Co.,ltd can offer different size of clad metals. We can offer the follwing copper aluminum bimetal used in LED heat sink. Cu15%Al85% Copper clad aluminum bimetal The Cu thinkness ratio is 15%, the Al thickness ratio is 85% The Cu weight ratio is 36.8 %,...Read More
  • Copper Aluminum Bimetal

    Copper Aluminum Bimetal

  • Copper Clad Aluminum CCA

    Copper Clad Aluminum CCA

    Copper-clad aluminium wire, commonly abbreviated as CCAW or CCA, is an electrical conductor composed of an inner aluminium core and outer copper cladding.Read More
  • Copper Aluminum Clad

    Copper Aluminum Clad

    Single/double-side copper clad aluminum plates &strips (Aluminum as base)Copper aluminum clad consists of a solid core of electrical grade aluminum, with a pressure bonded outer layer of high conductivity copper.Read More
  • Copper Aluminum Bimetal Plate

    Copper Aluminum Bimetal Plate

    Advanced machining processing technique: Solid-Liquid machining processing technique to bond copper and aluminum in oxygen-free environment permanently and firmly. Also, the combination strength continues to reinforce when use.Read More
  • Copper Aluminum Bimetal Strip

    Copper Aluminum Bimetal Strip

    We are widely appreciated by our various customers for providing them with an extensive range of quality Copper Aluminum Bimetal Strips. These Bimetal Stripes are used to carry current to all voltages such as EHV, HV, LV.Read More
  • Bimetal Washer

    Bimetal Washer

    We are specialist in manufacture of Bimetal washers in copper + aluminum i.e. one side copper and one side aluminum. The copper and aluminum composition is in the ratio 80:20 (80% aluminium, 20% copper).Read More
  • Bimetallic Sheet

    Bimetallic Sheet

    We manufacture Copper and Aluminium Bi-Metallic Sheets, Plates & Washers using thin copper (Cu) sheet metal cladded on pure Aluminium (Base Metal). Both the metals are diffused together to form an inseparable single sheet, through the process of roll bonding.Read More
  • Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar

    Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar

    We developed copper-clad aluminium (CCA) bi-metal conductor to provide an economic alternative to solid copper.Copper Clad Aluminium Busbar CCA Bi-metal Cu/Al. Consists of a solid core of electrical grade aluminum, with a pressure bonded outer layer of high conductivity copper.Read More
  • CCA Transition Plate

    CCA Transition Plate

    Cladding strength : >=12N/mm;
    Recombination rate : 100%
    Cutting strength : >=35mpa;
    Tensile strength : 90-130 mpa;
    Read More
  • CCA Earthing Plate

    CCA Earthing Plate

    CCA copper clad aluminum Earthing Plate is also named copper clad aluminum plate for earthing and grounding.Read More
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